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Course Description:

An introduction to the New Testament that examines major themes, broad divisions, key scriptures, major personalities, and the structure and context of each book. Literary and historical backgrounds are also examined.

Course Objectives:

Students will be able to: give a general outline of the history, prime characters, and Christian doctrine of the New Testament.

Understand the basic historical background of the NT, and will be familiar with the lives and activities of Jesus and Paul.

Understand how the various NT books fit in with the NT history, and will have learned the basic contents of the NT books, along with brief outlines of the NT books.

Course Requirements

A. Technical Requirements

Download and install a browser other than Microsoft Internet Explorer. We suggest Firefox or Google Chrome.

The E-learning system performs better with Firefox or Google Chrome browsers.

B. Academic Requirements

Lessons (15%): Complete the weekly lessons

Quizzes (35%): Complete the weekly quizzes. Quizzes are based on materials from weekly lessons and reading assignments.

Final exam (25%).

Research paper (25%):Each student is required to write a 3 -5 pages paper researching one of the topics listed below. These topics are general, so it is desired that the student will focus in on specific areas relating to the topic. The expectation is that the student’s work will conform to the school’s guidelines for term research papers.

Research paper topic: The synoptic problem. What is the nature of the problem? What solutions have been suggested? Which solution are you more in agreement with and why?

C. Grading Scale

A = 94-100 Excellent

B = 84 – 93 Above Average

C = 74 – 83 Average

D = 64 – 73 Below Average

F = 63 & Below Failure

Required Textbook

New Testament Survey
Merrill C. Tenney
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